Fee Arrangements

No two cases and no two clients are alike.  As a result, at Levinthal • Wilkins we have an open dialogue with our clients at the outset of each representation to understand the client’s specific needs and goals for the litigation, and then to work with the client to fashion a fee arrangement that suits that client and that case.  A traditional hourly-fee structure may be appropriate for some matters, while a flat or contingent fee may be required for others.  Or a hybrid arrangement, such as combining a lower hourly billing rate with a reduced contingent fee.  We believe in flexibility, creativity, and entrepreneurialism.  And because we practice an efficient brand of litigation that values results over mere lawyering, we encourage fee arrangements that place more financial risk on us in return for compensation based on outcomes delivered.  After all, we understand that our clients measure success in litigation not only by the actual results achieved, but also by the cost at which those results were delivered.

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