About Levinthal • Wilkins

We are a trial boutique that approaches each case with only one goal in mind: achieving victory.  For too many lawyers and firms, litigation is an end unto itself, where billable hours, excessive discovery, and a protracted lawsuit become the focus.  That is not how we handle cases.  Rather, we understand that, for our clients—whether they are plaintiffs or defendants—a legal dispute is an unpleasant and frustrating ordeal, and they hire us to secure a real-world solution to a real-world problem.

We therefore focus on working purposefully and efficiently to maximize our clients’ chances for success.  We keep our eye on the ball.  Does a particular discovery request help narrow the issues in dispute?  Does a specific motion increase the likelihood of a favorable verdict?  If the answer is no, we do not do it.  At Levinthal • Wilkins, we are not in the business of merely “litigating” a case; rather, we are in the business of working to win it.

The lawyers of Levinthal • Wilkins have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.  We have represented individuals in small cases, and we have represented multinational corporations in large, complex litigation and arbitration.  We have taken on Davids and Goliaths alike, in our own backyard and all over the country.  While the cases, clients, venues, and opponents may change, our approach is always consistent: we start with the end in mind and prepare each case, from the moment we are retained, for trial.  We believe this is the only way to meaningfully develop a case and position it for success.  Because regardless of how a fight is started, at Levinthal • Wilkins we know our clients care about only one thing: how it is finished.

With Levinthal • Wilkins, we have created a special kind of practice—one that combines the expertise and diligence of a large firm with the efficiency, cost sensitivity, and entrepreneurial spirit of a small boutique.  Drawing on our common training at a prominent international defense firm as well as our varied experiences at smaller plaintiffs’ firms, we are uniquely prepared to guide clients through the myriad risks and opportunities of litigation.  For plaintiffs, we will strategically prosecute cases armed with an understanding of how the defense will approach the lawsuit.  For defendants, we will defend the litigation with the aggressiveness and vigor of a plaintiff.  In all cases, there is what we refer to simply as a sense of urgency.  Urgency to preserve the evidence, urgency to establish the upper hand, urgency to set the tone for the lawsuit, and, ultimately, urgency to win it.

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